Integrity Tests

Can they reveal past history? No. Are they accurate? Not really. So, why are they used?

Are they accurate? No.

According to an extensive study conducted by the United States Congress, integrity tests were shown to have accuracy rates between 37 and 59 percent, and they err on the side of disqualifying honest candidates. By contrast, EyeDetect has a higher level of accuracy (85%). (Source: “The Use of Integrity Tests for Pre-employment Screening,” Office of Technology Evaluation of the United States Congress.)

Due to their low accuracy rates, integrity tests commonly reject good candidates. As a result, organizations must interview more people to find sufficient numbers of good candidates (which increases recruiting costs).

Past vs. Future

There are many organizations that use integrity or personality tests to evaluate job applicants. Also known as psychometric tests, these tests are designed to predict future behavior of the person being questioned. On the other hand, EyeDetect will indicate past and present behavior.

Which method gives better results? Some say the past is the best predictor of future behavior.

Cheap and Quick

Integrity tests are commonly used because they are relatively quick and inexpensive. They usually take about 30 minutes to administer and are priced at a fraction of a polygraph test. An EyeDetect test takes 35 to 40 minutes. The cost is a little higher than an integrity test. But, EyeDetect is more accurate and will allow organizations to screen less people to find sufficient numbers of candidates.

During an integrity test, the person being questioned may choose to respond so as to create a very positive image of their behavior rather than telling the truth. In other words, they could attempt to positively alter the impression they make, or they can fake their response.

What is EyeDetect?

EyeDetect is next generation lie detection technology and is “the” best integrity test. It is used primarily to screen job applicants at the federal, state and local level. It can also be very effective in conducting investigations. EyeDetect was developed to protect organizations from fraude and corruption.

Corruption is a multi-billion dollar, world wide problem. Organizations and government agencies are damaged when employees are involved in theft, bribes, drug use, stealing company information, and other criminal activities.